About Us

The owner of Function First Pediatrics Inc., Evelyne Pilger, opened her doors as a private occupational therapy consultant in 1994. Since then the need for pediatric-related services has continued to grow resulting in the expansion of the clinic to include a full team of health professionals. Although based in a clinic in Grande Prairie, services are provided throughout Alberta in the setting most appropriate to meet the client’s needs.

At Function First Pediatrics, we are committed to:

  • Provide professional, ethical and competent service.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of services provided.
  • Provide reports in a timely manner.
  • Provide practical, functional solutions in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Being flexible, adaptable and responsive to our client’s needs.
  • Working collaboratively with other health professionals, educational staff, and families.

Key features and strengths of our team include:

  • A broad base of skills and expertise in pediatric assessments and intervention.
  • Extensive experience working as members of a team with a demonstrated ability to communicate and work effectively with all team members
  • A solid reputation for delivering efficient, effective and professional services.
  • Familiarity with the educational mandate with extensive knowledge of the schools in and around northern Alberta.
  • Firm knowledge of different funding sources available for families, including Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).