Function First Provides the following concussion services:

  • Baseline assessments can be completed for all at risk persons
  • We treat concussions caused from sport injury, falls or motor vehicle accidents
  • Function First can help with the rehabilitation of both physical and cognitive impacts of concussions; such as coordination, memory, concentration, word finding, academic skills and more
  • Early Intervention is key to reduce risks of secondary disabilities
  • Function First can recommend when it is safe to return to regular activity and sign off on Return to Play sport form

Do you know these facts about concussions? 

Fact #1: ANYONE is at risk to receive a concussion; professionals can provide information and education on prevention and healing of concussions.

Fact #2: A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and can be caused by direct OR indirect force, this means that you don’t have to hit your head to become concussed. Although people with severe traumatic brain injuries often see rehab professionals we can also help those with mild or moderate concussions.

Fact #3: Helmets cannot prevent concussions however they do prevent many other types of brain injuries. Ensure you and your children wear helmets while playing contact sports or doing activities such as skateboarding, biking and scootering. Ensure helmets are fitting properly; sales people at stores or professionals can answer any questions you may have.

Fact #4: Losing consciousness is not a symptom of concussions; although some people do you can still be concussed without losing consciousness.

Fact #5: Symptoms do not always start immediately and sometimes take a few days to show up. Symptoms include but are not limited to: confusion, irritability, fatigue, headaches and nausea. In children, concussions often show as they become frustrated easily or cry more frequently than typical. Early recognition of symptoms is crucial in preventing further damage.

Fact #6: If you suspect a concussion see a doctor within 48hrs. Diagnosis is simply symptom based, no diagnostic image will show trauma.

Fact #7: There’s no medical intervention that directly treats concussions. Rest is the number one way to heal a concussion. However, if symptoms don’t resolve intervention from rehab professionals is key.

Fact #8: Most concussions heal within 10 days if proper guidelines are followed. Before returning to work, school and sports you should be 100% symptom free and cleared by a medical professional. FFP can provide a baseline of function for people who are at risk of receiving a concussion in order to determine after injury whether deficits are a result of concussion or pre-existing.

Fact #9: Although most concussions heal on their own sometimes other interventions are needed. FFP can assess both physical and cognitive aspects of an individual to develop a treatment plan. FFP uses the Brain FX 360 assessment for children over the age of 10 along with their expertise in their discipline.

Fact #10: The worst thing someone with a concussion can do is rush recovery. Returning to normal activities before the brain is healed can lead to further brain damage and sometimes even death. OT, PT and SLP can help treat symptoms and help someone attain full recovery.